In case you were wondering, let me just say right from the beginning that every story and anecdote on my blog is true. If you've met my children this explanation is completely unnecessary, but for those who haven't . . . yeah, life at our house is really like that. We stay pretty well entertained. Obviously.

I would hope that reading even one of my posts would make you aware of my love for my family, but just so you hear it from me: I love them. Period. I have a spouse and children who are the source of my happiness, my challenges and my growth. It's a pretty sweet deal. I'm one of the lucky ones.

Okay, actually, I don't believe in luck. I believe in God. He gets full credit for every blessing in my life. I don't typically mince words and I don't apologize for my faith. I pray, I attend The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and I frequently talk about it. That will never change. You may respectfully ask me any question about my faith that you wish.

Of late, my life has taken a bit of a turn. I've been running a part-time portrait photography business for the past few years. I enjoy being behind a camera. But I enjoy writing even more. I rediscovered that passion after beginning this blog, so now my plan is different. I'll be focusing on writing and this blog. I'll still offer portrait sessions, but on a very minimal basis. My camera will be more often used to bring life to my words. I will need models as I work on different pieces and projects and will post about that on my blog as well.

I have an incredible vision for what this site will become and I appreciate all of you for coming along for the ride.

Speaking of rides, I loved them once . . . as in before I had kids and nausea suddenly became my best friend. I look happy here, but only because it was just beginning. I am a lover of the outdoors: hiking, camping, fishing, swimming, squishing my toes in ANY sand, biking, running, sports. Get me out in the fresh air and I'm a happy camper. Literally. I love raspberries, fish, broiled asparagus, potatoes in all of their forms and milk. Not all together. I loathe raisins . . . and craisins . . . and anything wrinkly that obviously didn't start out that way. It's just not right. I listen to country music and I absolutely cannot dance. I love the color pink. I'm a superstar speller, but if math disappeared from the face of the Earth I'd be fine with it. I love to laugh . . . even at the jokes on Laffy Taffy wrappers. And I thoroughly enjoy my children. I don't know what else could possibly be important to say, but rest assured that if I think of anything I'll blog about it.

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