Our Trek Uphill


I was warned by numerous people that at first homeschooling would be hard. Words like detox and chaos and exhausting were thrown around. I felt like maybe the struggles with the transition period were slightly exaggerated. I felt like I was prepared for it. I wasn't.

I have pretty good kids. They're not perfect. Some days their energy levels are through the roof and sometimes they choose poorly. Sometimes they stress me out, but mostly life is good. So I was emotionally unprepared for the detox and the chaos and the exhaustion. By day three I felt nearly comatose.

Everybody was right about what they said. The warnings were appropriate. The truth is, I just couldn't have imagined it or prepared for it. I was surprised by the level of bickering, the complete lack of cooperation, and the deep down in my bones tired that I would feel. I felt like I was broadsided . . . by a barn.

This past week has taught me two very important things about our family's new homeschooling adventure.

We're doing the right thing. I felt we were doing the right thing when this decision was finally made and I'm even more certain of it now. The greatest opposition always precedes the greatest joy. The hardest battles fought lead us to the sweetest victories. I've been forced to remember that difficulty doesn't mean you're doing anything wrong. Difficulty teaches and it leads. Difficulty leads us to greater heights than where we originally stood.

We're going places. This family is on its way upward. I'm more certain than ever that this family will come through this more refined and more sacred. We'll swim through the chaos and the exhaustion, even if we just tread water for a while. We'll adjust and we'll change and we'll become better. We're on an uphill trek that will bless us on into the eternities.

So for those who have been asking how the first week went, the answer is probably hovering in the vicinity of awful and crazy. I will do things a little . . . or a lot . . . differently this week. My understanding of my purpose in all of this has deepened. My direction has shifted and my resolve has stiffened. Because even amidst the turmoil, I caught a glimpse of something that shows me exactly why I'm leading our family down this road.


Onward and upward we go.


2 thoughts on “Our Trek Uphill

  1. Jenny

    Bri, Totally feeling for you. I only made this change with one of my children and I had these challenges with him. He was in sixth grade at the time and a little older. I was able to discuss the why's, how's and expectations....daily. 🙂 I kept reminding him he could go back to school and it was all the ammunition I needed. The first two - three weeks were getting to know my child in a new light. Quickly, I became enlightened to the endless talking down and reprimanding occurring in the classroom. As I said before, no matter the outcome, this is the right choice for yours right now. Stick with it Lady. You are strong and this is just a short endurance test to see if you are serious about it. Not too different from toddler temper tantrums to see if Mom can stick to her guns. It takes an adjustment period for them as well. They are just as unsure of the expectations as you are.

    Love Ya!


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