38 Things That Incite Toddler Rage

We have a very obstinate passionate toddler.  Avery actually reminds me of my son, Tanner, at this age.  Everything is high intensity.  Everything is felt on such a deep level that it's almost as if they can't control it.  Happiness, anger, sadness, frustration, silliness . . . emotions never hidden, but instead very much apparent to anyone within 100 yards.  Tanner has mellowed a tiny bit over the years, but his intensity of feeling is very much still him.  (Okay, honestly, he hasn't really mellowed.  He just no longer throws toddler-sized fits.  Everything else is still intense.)  So I have hope that this same flair for fit throwing intensity of feeling will simmer down in my now 2 year old also, but I'm currently not holding my breath.  Plus, you know, we have a new baby at our house, which I don't think helps my displaced baby.  AT.  ALL.


You don't believe me? Here's a list of things that have resulted in a screaming fit in the last 24 hours.  Sometimes hitting mom even coming all-inclusive.

  • I told her she shouldn't wear shorts because it was below freezing outside.
  • I didn't roll her jeans.
  • I rolled her jeans wrong.
  • We ran out of fruit snacks.
  • I wouldn't drive on a sheet of ice to go get her more fruit snacks.
  • She wanted more milk.
  • It wasn't her turn to take a candy cane off of the advent calendar.
  • An hour later it STILL wasn't her turn to take one of those candy canes.
  • She wanted more milk again.
  • I told her she needed to quit peeing in her Pull-ups and to go in the toilet.
  • I wouldn't give her her candy reward for going in the toilet because . . . well . . . she didn't.
  • I told her she couldn't have a granola bar because dinner was in 5 minutes.
  • She couldn't have her princess blanket at nap time because she peed so much in her sleep that she leaked on it and it was in the dryer.
  • Hunter wouldn't give her the pencil he was doing his math with.
  • I told her I couldn't read her a story until after I finished giving Hunter his math lesson.
  • I only read 3 stories and she wanted more.
  • I was nursing Parker.
  • I used the purple brush to comb her hair instead of the brown one.
  • She wanted to take a shower in my shower and I told her she had to wait until after I took the kids to the bus.
  • I made her get out of the shower.
  • I thought she was pointing at a different shirt than she actually was and took the wrong one off of its hanger.
  • Tanner took the last of the popcorn and she had to wait for another bag to be popped.
  • She wanted more carrots.
  • She didn't want to finish her carrots.
  • She wanted candy instead of lunch.
  • She didn't want to take a nap.
  • She wanted her door shut for her nap.
  • She wanted me to get her pajamas because there was something scary at her window.
  • She didn't want me reassuring her that there was nothing at her window.
  • She didn't want me fixing Parker's binky even though she gave it to him upside down.
  • I told her she couldn't have a sippy cup with raspberry lemonade because the pulp clogs the top.
  • I told her she couldn't hit Parker.
  • I told her she couldn't call Parker a bad baby.
  • I told her she couldn't sit on Parker while she smothered him with apologetic kisses.
  • I told her she had to go sit in her bed for hitting me.
  • I actually stood up to take her to her bed.
  • I had the nerve to really put her in said bed (at least 16 times today).
  • I opened my eyes and decided to breath today.

Now is it just me or could most of these things be resolved by a simple request or an ounce of patience?  Or a 2 year old's ability to make up her own mind?

What do I know anyway?  I'm only 35.

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