Something to be said for stinginess

I'm not a stingy person and I've never been obsessed with stuff. I don't think my life is over when my kids pee on the couch or cut their sheets with scissors. Stuff is replaceable. Relationships are not. That's my motto. I will admit that I almost cried when I dropped a thousand dollar lens out of my camera bag onto a tile floor and broke it, but that's the only time I can think of where I came even remotely close to crying over spilled milk.

For this reason, I've never felt the need to put my things up and out of reach. I've even let Hunter try his hand at using my expensive camera. With me right there, of course . . . the thing weighs like 856 pounds.

Anyway, I've changed my mind. The camera will be in a secret vault when it's not in my hand.

Photo courtesy of Hunter
Photo courtesy of Kyle
Photo courtesy of Kyle

I'm sure you can understand why. Moral of the story: take better care of your stuff.


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