So wait, taking four kids shopping is a bad idea? Every time?

My angelShe's gorgeous, right? My little angel. Look at those cute, chubby cheeks and darling eyelashes. Looking at this photo, it's difficult to imagine her any other way.

But then again there was the episode this afternoon. The one where she slapped me as hard as she could across the face. In line. At the grocery store. In front of like twenty people.

I had a few thoughts in that moment. My initial thought was to slap her back. My grandma would've done it and her tactic was effective. My mom only bit her once. No, no, there are people everywhere. A reaction like that would get me thrown in jail.

Next came my death stare. I gave her the look, a necessary step on the path towards invoking terror in my children. Why does she have that sparkle in her eye? This is far from funny. I dare her to laugh! I will not be mocked by a one year old!

"Tag! You're it!" she shrieked with delight.

My jaw actually dropped a little. Bystanders were starting to chuckle.

I wondered if I could get away with slapping her if I just yelled out, "Tag!" afterwards. It worked for her.

Of course, then Haylee yelled out, "Tanner's sniffing my butt!" and my toddler's violent episode was totally forgotten.

So how were your adorable, little angels today?


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