The Land of the Free: Unless You’re a Christian

Phil RobertsonFreedom extends to all. Except through actions of a court of law, each and every one of us is granted an extensive amount of rights and freedoms by the Constitution of The United States of America. This constitution was designed to protect our God-given rights from oppression and tyranny.

Phil Robertson and Duck Dynasty are all over the news and the internet. Phil was indefinitely suspended from his show for answering a GQ interview question about his views on homosexuality. Based on the outcome of answering that question honestly though the eyes of his faith, it would seem that if you fully embrace Christianity, then the only right you're currently granted is your right to remain silent. It's the only one you won't be punished for exercising.

There have been plenty of articles written about the absurdity of this situation, but I wanted to draw attention to a typical gay rights activist argument I've been seeing a lot of in response to those articles. It goes something like this:

Well, sure Phil Robertson has a right to say whatever he wants, but A&E is a business that also has rights and they have the right to portray whatever image they'd like!

Forgive the pause while I try not to snicker.

So let me get this straight, Jack Phillips, the Colorado baker who refused to make a cake for a same-sex union doesn't have the right to portray his business image in any way that he chooses. He is forced to participate in an event that he religiously and fundamentally disagrees with because business owners don't maintain individual liberties. But A&E is allowed to attempt to censor the Robertson's Christianity. They have the right to portray whatever image they so choose.

Elaine Huguenin, the New Mexico photographer who didn't want to photograph a same-sex union on her religious principles received the same response from the courts. She has to comply or be fined. She's discriminating. But A&E can essentially fire someone because they voice their religious beliefs. Because that's not discrimination or anything.

Are any of you listening to or processing your own arguments? If you are, are you just choosing to turn a blind eye towards the absolute hypocrisy of your absurdly contradictory statements? How convenient that must be for you.

It must be so convenient and comfortable to currently have the government and the law, however crooked and tyrannical they are, backing you up while you throw the biggest temper tantrum of your life. It must be so liberating to force your decisions on Christian America because, hey, if God's not going to agree with you then you're going to pretend that He does and attempt to force, by law, His followers to accommodate you. How wonderful for you.

But guess what? Don't forget that you have to lie in the bed you're currently making. The new precedents that are being set for you in the courts of America aren't always going to work so well in your favor.

First of all, this fit you're throwing will destroy entrepreneurial America. Nobody's going to go into business. They aren't going to want to deal with you forcing your agenda down their throats. They're not going to be strong-armed into supporting things that violate their moral standards. Christianity is not going to lie down and let you have your way.

Furthermore, according to what you're saying, no one has a right to reject business on any grounds. Because you're barreling your way through, demanding that not only does a law need to be passed that changes the fundamental foundation of our society, but everyone needs to like it and cater to you. The tide will turn. You're going to end up catering to groups and things that you completely disagree with because you insisted on this.

I'm a photographer. Should I have to promote same-sex marriage by taking images of a wedding when I completely disagree with it for numerous reasons? No. I shouldn't have to. Find someone who's not opposed to taking those photos for you. As it currently is, I announced this year that I'm no longer shooting weddings. I'm not going to sit here and be forced to do something so profoundly against my beliefs.

I'm also a writer. Should I be forced to write website content for the Westboro Baptist Church (assuming they have one . . . I don't know if they do and I refuse to even look) even though I find them offensive in every single way? No. I shouldn't have to. Find someone else who has no problem promoting that garbage. I will not utter a word in their favor, not in the name of business or anything else.

It is my right as a citizen of this country to reject any of those things. That's what it means to be free. I'm at liberty to say what I feel and to choose not to associate with things that offend me. Phil Robertson has those same rights. You have those same rights. If you don't like someone's views, don't listen or don't watch or just go somewhere else for crying out loud.

Quit granting freedom only to those who agree with you. Phil hurt your feelings? Walk away. Don't read his interview. Jack Phillips wouldn't make your wedding cake? You find that offensive? Go to a different baker. Elaine Huguenin wouldn't take your photos? How dare she disagree with you? Find someone who doesn't.

You spout off constantly about how God doesn't exist. Do you see a mass exodus of Christians filing into court to sue you? Are we trying to make you believe that He does? Are we trying to silence your opinion? No. Say what you want. We don't care. Why should you?

Seriously, tell me what you think.