“Hey Mom! I accidentally peed on my face!”

Yep, that really was Tanner's opening line when he came bursting into the bathroom. I was kneeling by the tub scrubbing the dirt out of Avery's hair that he helped put there. It didn't even register at first.


"I accidentally peed on my face!" This was followed by hysterical laughter. His and mine, if you were wondering.

"How on Earth did you accidentally pee on your own face!?"

"Well, I was peeing off the edge of the trampoline. I was goofing around and shooting my pee everywhere so I was moving around a lot and then I almost fell off the trampoline on my face. So when I almost fell, my face fell into the pee that was shooting out."

I'd already had my laugh so now I just stared at this sweet six-year old who brings so much joy, and obviously laughter, into our home. I wondered what he could have possibly been thinking. Then he shoved his entire face under the bathroom faucet and I realized that it was more than likely that he wasn't thinking anything at all.

4 thoughts on ““Hey Mom! I accidentally peed on my face!”

  1. Kim

    Hahahaha. I was trying not to laugh out loud so I did that silent laugh through my nose. This is too good to be true... except it is true!


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