I’m a Columnist!

Seriously! I am! In case you were all worried that my kids had quit doing ridiculous things because of my lack of sharing, I am now assuring you that they're as crazy as ever. I've just been writing columns with all of the good material that they shove down my throat. It should keep me busy for decades.

My first column appeared today and it will be updated every Monday on The Reflector's website (it's a Western Washington newspaper, if you were wondering). So, if you love me here, please love me there!:) I'll post the links here on my blog as well, but they'll be under the 'Writing' tab.

Today's article, Back from the Edge, is already there for your reading pleasure. I hope. I mean, I hope it's a great experience and not that I hope it's there. It's there. I've seen it.

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