Trampolines Aren’t For Toddlers

I'm sorry, but I can't help but laugh every time I look at this photo:

I was watching my friend's kids yesterday . . . and they just so happen to be favorites of my kids . . . and so there was all sorts of fun being had. Avery was the baby of the group and desperately wanted to be included. So, like any terrible mother, I put her on the trampoline. It took about 1.3 seconds for her to be knocked over. And her face was priceless. Luckily for me, and because I'm a terrible person on occasion, I already had my camera ready. One word. Awesome. Strangely enough, she still didn't want to get down after this. Or this:

Life is hard when you're a toddler, but Avery doesn't seem to mind at all. Because life is also fun. And occasionally you remain on your feet.

And occasionally you find really good friends to make the going that much easier.

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